Trading accounts tailor-made to suit your needs ! No matter you are a new, experienced or professional investor, or whatever your trading requirements and size of your investment are, MBG Markets definitely have a trading account fit for you.

Account Type

Client type

Spread (EURUSD)
Expert Advisor (EA) trading
Min. initial deposit
Min. incremental deposit
Optional leverage
Min. trade size
Min. incremental Lot
Max. trade size
Max. position ④
Floating spread
1.8 ①
≥US$ 500
≥US$ 100
50:1 ③
0.01 Lot
0.01 Lot
20 Lots ⑤
50 Lots ⑤
Floating spread
0.8 ②
≥US$ 50,000
≥US$ 100
1 Lot
1 Lot
20 Lots ⑤
200 Lots ⑤

① and ② was the average of the floating spread in February, 2017.

③ *Preset at 200:1, please mail to to apply for other leverage options in 50:1, 100:1 and 400:1.

④ Either Long or Short positions (including pending orders) will be counted when positions are hedged. Please send request to if you plans to change the maximum trade size.

⑤ MBG Markets reserves the right to adjust the maximum trade size and the spread based on the evaluation of market risk or the risk to which the clients will be exposed.